Why do you need an editor?

Editors may be invisible, but we are invaluable
because we...


  • Catch bias, blind spots and copyright problems

  • See what you wrote, not what you thought you wrote

  • Find repetition, ambiguity, and overused words and phrases

  • Check readability, facts and links

  • Fix errors in grammar, punctuation, format, style and voice

  • Spot missing, mislabelled or wrong information

  • Uphold quality, credibility and standards.

Editing service starts at $50/hour 


Tell the story of your brand, service or product through clear and compelling stories.

Writing is at the heart of content, and good writing establishes your voice, values, and credibility. As a writer I can:

  • Speak to your intended audience

  • Help you develop your ideas

  • Project a consistent image and voice across platforms

  • Establish credibility 

  • Save you time

Writing service starts at $100/hour 




We take care of your stuff so you don't have to