Why do you need an editor?

Editors may be invisible, but we are invaluable
because we...


  • Catch bias, blind spots and copyright problems

  • See what you wrote, not what you thought you wrote

  • Find repetition, ambiguity, and overused words and phrases

  • Check readability, facts and links

  • Fix errors in grammar, punctuation, format, style and voice

  • Spot missing, mislabelled or wrong information

  • Uphold quality, credibility and standards.

Editing service starts at $50/hour 


Tell the story of your brand, service or product through clear and compelling stories.

Writing is at the heart of content, and good writing establishes your voice, values, and credibility. As a writer I can:

  • Speak to your intended audience

  • Help you develop your ideas

  • Project a consistent image and voice across platforms

  • Establish credibility 

  • Save you time

Writing service starts at $100/hour 





Researchers pool talents to solve water waste


A dip in a cool blue swimming pool can be just what the doctor ordered on these sweltering summer days. Lucky for us there are plenty of pools on the planet — some 9 million residential and 300,000 commercial pools in the U.S. alone. But what happens with all that water when we’re done with it?

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Writing Samples


Coding boot camp is win for employer, employee alike


Just like the college name implies, one aspect of the mission of the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) is to meet marketplace needs with talented professionals. So when the College recognized a gap in tech industry labor, it launched an ambitious project: the Full Stack Web Development Certificate, a boot camp-style program that conveys a broad range of coding skills to participants. 









Improve your writing today​

The marketplace of ideas has become increasingly noisy and overcrowded. Ideas that are clear and concise are the most likely to break through, so says University of Minnesota business writing instructor Ben Shank, president of Writing Consultants, Inc. Shank, who teaches a host of professional development courses for CCAPS, including Technical Writing, Writing for Social Media, and Advanced Editing and Proofreading Strategies, has some advice on how to make your ideas stand out and better drive your personal agenda. 

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